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The McGinn Law Office offers mediation and Child and Family Investigations and accepts appointments as a Child Legal Representative, a Parenting Coordinator/Decision-Maker, and a Guardian ad litem.

Jennifer’s goal in all cases is to make sure the parties and children are heard and all parties have their concerns addressed. She is committed to providing thorough and cost-effective services.

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As a mediator, Jennifer helps facilitate agreements in the areas of family law (divorce, child custody, and child support), civil protection orders, and related cases.

Guardian ad litem

Jennifer acts as a guardian ad litem to represent the child's best interests in dependency and neglect cases, juvenile delinquency cases, municipal criminal cases, truancy cases, and Denver Juvenile Court paternity cases

Child Legal Representative

Jennifer acts as a child legal representative for the child(ren) of parents who do not qualify for a state paid child legal representative and who have a conflict involving allocation of parental responsibilities.

Child and Family Investigation

As a Child and Family Investigator (CFI), Jennifer accepts appointments in Adams, Boulder, Denver, Jefferson and Weld Counties

Parenting Coordinator/ Decision-Maker

Jennifer is a parenting coordinator/decision-maker and can assist parties in resolving conflict with a neutral facilitator rather than resolving all disputes in court.

The Mediation Process

  • Research mediators to find a mediator who you believe would be a good fit for your case. Once you and the other party have agreed on a mediator, schedule a mediation date and time that works for you and the other party.
  • Communicate with the mediator a list of specific issues that need to be discussed in mediation. Prior to the mediation, provide to the mediator any documents or court orders/pleadings that are relevant.
  • Review the mediator's agreement regarding various issues such as confidentiality and legal advice prior to the mediation. You may attend mediation with or without an attorney. While Jennifer is an attorney, mediators are not required to be attorneys and they do not provide legal advice.
  • Attend the mediation with an open mind. While you may not reach an agreement that is exactly what you want, you may also not receive the result you want by having a trial in court. One of the biggest benefits of reaching an agreement is knowing what the outcome is without fear that the court might not fully address all the issues.

Family Law Mediation

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